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St. Louis Private Schools

private schools St LouisThe major difference between St Louis public and private schools is that the public school is funded by state and federal government. They are not allowed to charge tuition and are often underfunded and therefore unable to hire additional teachers or bring in new supplies as needed. St Louis public schools often have classes of 40-60 youngsters with one teacher and maybe not even an assistant. In a private school, your child will most likely be in a class of 25-30 and likely have a teacher’s assistant as well. Private vs. Public school, it’s the debate that has thousands of St Louis parents wondering what’s really best for their kids. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably heard good things about private schools in St Louis, but might not have sent your kids due to the economy. Unfortunately, sending your kids to a St. Louis private school is a little more expensive than an STL public school, but it does have its benefits. 

Another thing to consider is that the type of education is limited at public schools. If you want your child to learn via Montessori or other methods that are extremely beneficial for opening up the mind, a public school simply won’t have what you’re after. Private schools in St Louis often use the best quality of education available rather than the minimum standards regulated at public schools. However, private schools are still accredited and regularly inspected to make sure that tuition standards are on par or higher than the minimum. 

 Private High Schools in St. Louis

St. Louis Private High School  Phone Number Attributes Location 
 Academy at Boys and Girls Town  314-481-9121  Coed  St Louis City 
 Annunziata  314-997-7727  Catholic  West County
 Apprende  636-225-0006
 Private, Coed  Valley Park
 Barat Academy  636-300-5500  Private Catholic  Chesterfield
 Bishop DuBourg  314-832-3030  Coed, Catholic  St Louis Hills
 Block Yeshiva  314-872-8701  Coed, Jewish  West County
 Borgia  314-239-7871  Catholic, CoEd  Washington, MO
 Brightmont Academy  314-237-2702  Independent  Town & Country
 Cardinal Ritter  314-446-5500  Coed, Catholic  St Louis City
 Chaminade  314-993-4400  All Boys, Catholic  West County
 Christian Academy  314-429-7070  Coed, Christian  Northwest County
 Christian Brothers College High School  314-985-6100  All Boys, Catholic  West County
 Lutheran High  636-978-1680  Lutheran  O'Fallon, MO
 Churchill Center  314-997-4343  Private  West County
 Cor Jesu  314-842-1546  All Girls, Catholic  South County
 Crossroads  314-367-8085  Coed  West County
 De Smet Jesuit  314-567-3500  All Boys  West County
 Duchesne  636-946-6767  Coed, Catholic  St Charles
 Edgewood  314-968-2060    Webster Groves
 Governor French Academy  314-233-7543  Private  Belleville
 Incarnate Word  314-725-5850  All girls, Catholic  Central County
 John Burroughs  314-993-4040  Coed  Central County
 John F. Kennedy High School  636-227-5900  Catholic, Coed  West County
 Living Word Christian High School  636-978-1680  Christian, Coed  O'Fallon
 Lutheran High School North  314-389-3100  Coed, Lutheran  North County
 Lutheran High School South  314-631-1400  Coed, Lutheran  St Louis
 MICDS  314-995-7367  Coed  Ladue
 Missouri Military Academy  888-564-6662  All Boys, Military School  Mexico, Missouri
 Nerinx Hall 314-968-1505  All girls, Catholic  Webster Groves 
 North County Christian  314-972-6227  Coed Christian  Florissant
 Notre Dame  314-544-1015  All Girls, Catholic  South County
 Rosati Kain  314-533-8513  All Girls, Catholic  St Louis city
 Southside Christian  314-632-1231  Coed, Christian  St Louis City
 St. Dominic High School  636-240,8303  Coed, Catholic  O'Fallon, MO
 St Joseph's 314-394-3400    All Girls, Catholic  West County
 St Louis Christian Academy  314-664-3299  Coed, Christian  St Louis City
 St Louis Priory  314-434-3690  All Boys, Catholic  West County
 St Louis University High School  314-531-0330  All Boys, Jesuit  St Louis City
 St Mary's  314-481-8100  All Boys, Catholic  St Louis City
 St. Pius X Highschool  314-931-7487  Coed, Catholic  Jefferson County
 The Principia  314-434-2100  Coed, Christian Science  West County
 Thomas Jefferson School  314-843-4151  Coed  Kirkwood
 Tower Grove Christian High  314-776-6473  Coed, Christian  St Louis City
 Trinity  314-741-1333  Coed, Catholic  North County
 Ursuline  314-984-2800  All Girls, Catholic  Central County
 Vianney  314-965-4843  All Boys,   Kirkwood
 Villa Duchesne  314-432-2021  All Girls, Catholic  West County
 Visitation  314-625-9100  All Girls Catholic  West County
 Westminster   314-997-2700  Christian   West County
 Whitfield  314-434-5141  College Prep, CoEd  West County

Personal Care: Possibly the most important reason to take your child to a private elementary or high school in St Louis is that they will receive more attention. Instead of being thrown in the back of the class and given the same attention as every other child, kids at private schools will often receive some individual attention, especially if they are floundering in one class or another. A private school is a great way to help your child get away from the anonymity of public school and into somewhere where they will receive actual attention.

So, what’s the decision making factor? For most it’s a personal and a money choice. If you have the money to have your child attend a private school then it can be quite beneficial for their learning experience. Your child will have more time with teachers and will likely be in an environment where there are more school supplies and less pressure because there are too many students in the class. It’s also possible to get your child the alternative study of your choice with STL private schools including a religious education or alternate teaching method.

The choice is eventually yours. There are pros and cons to both public and private schools but both of those usually involve money.

Eventually, ask yourself ‘Can I afford a private school, ‘ ‘will my child benefit from this school’ and ‘are there good options available in the area’.

STL private schoolsPrivate schools have a mixed reputation in the U.S., as do public schools, but for the parents who can afford them, they are worth considering. While St. Louis private schools are more expensive, they charge more for a reason, which is why you should consider them. The following benefits of attending private school outline why these schools are often a better choice for elementary and high school students who would otherwise be stuck in the public system.

While many public schools limit the size of their classrooms, you can often see as many as 20-40 students per teacher in a single classroom, with only one or no assistants. This limits the amount of time that students get with the teacher. Private schools offer smaller classrooms, more assistants, and ensure that every student gets one-on-one time help and advice with their education.

Specific Tuition and Learning Material: Whether you're looking for a St. Louis private school that educates according to your religious beliefs, that offer a specific type of learning such as Montessori, or that offers specialized help for children with ADD or another development disorder, private schools have all of the advantages. Most private schools have some specialization for different disorders, and you can usually easily find specific types of schools for your religion or beliefs. If any of these factors are important to you, then private school is a must, as you won't usually find these things public schools.

 Private Elementary Schools in St. Louis   

School Name Phone Attributes Location
 Academy at Boy's & Girl's Town 314-481-9121  Private  South St. Louis
 Abiding Savior  314-892-4408  Lutheran  South County
 All Saints School  636-397-1477  Catholic  St Peters
 Andrews Academy  314-878-1883  Private  Central County
 Apprende School  636-225-0006  Private, Coed  Valley Park
 Ascension  636-532-1151  Catholic  West County
 Assumption   636-240-4474  Catholic  St Charles
 Assumption  314-487-6520  Catholic  South County
 Bishop Healy  314-367-9656  Catholic  St Louis City
 Brightmont Academy  636-237-2702  Independent  West County
 Cathedral Basilica  314-373-8250  Catholic  St Louis City
 Central Catholic Academy  314-231-6254  Catholic  St Louis City
 Chaminade  314-993-4400  Catholic  West County
 Christ Community Lutheran School  314-822-7774  Lutheran  Central County
 Christ the King  314-725-5855  Catholic  University City
 Christ, Light of the Nations   314-731-0400  Catholic  North County
 Christ Prince of Peace  636-394-6840  Catholic  West County
 City Academy  314-382-0085  Independent  St Louis City
 Clara Mohammed School  314-361-0303  Muslim  St Louis
 Clayton Academy 314-727-0833  Early Childhood  Clayton
 College School 314-962-9355  Independent  Webster Groves 
 Community School  314-991-0005  Independent   West County
 Concordia Elementary  314-621-0228  Independent  Soulard
 De La Salle Middle School  314-531-9820  Catholic  St Louis City
 Euclid Academy of St Louis     Independent  Central West End
 Forsyth School  314-726-4542  Independent  St. Louis City
 Frederick Douglas Institute  314-382-0720  Independent  West End
 Gateway Christian  314-821-2349  Christian  St Louis city
 Good Shepard School 636-797-2300  Lutheran  Ballwin
 Goddard School 314-293-1200  Independent  South County
 Governor French 618-233-7542  K-12  Belleville
 Grace Chapel  314-868-3232  Lutheran  North County
 Grace Christian  314-292-6933  Christian  North County
 HF Epstein  314-994-7856  Jewish  West County
 Holy Child School  636-296-0055  Catholic  Arnold
 Holy Cross Lutheran School  618-344-4145  Lutheran  Collinsville
 Holy Infant  636-227-0802  Catholic  Ballwin
 Holy Redeemer School  314-962-8989  Catholic  Webster Groves
 Holy Spirit School  314-730-1934  Catholic  Maryland Heights
 Holy Trinity  314-426-8966  Catholic  North County
 Immacolata School 314-991-5700  Catholic  Clayton
 Immaculate Conception  636-561-4450  Catholic  Arnold
 Immaculate Heart of Mary 314-832-1678  Catholic  St Louis
 Incarnate Word Elementary  314-576-5366  Catholic  West County
 King of Glory Lutheran  314-865-1114  Lutheran   St Louis City
 Kirk Day School  314-434-4349  Christian  West County
 Lewis & Clark Institute  314-918-1400  Tutoring  Brentwood
 Little Flower  314-781-4995  Catholic  Central County
 Linda Vista School  636-532-3315  Catholic  Ballwin
 Loyola Academy  314-531-9091  Catholic  St Louis
 Marian Middle School  314-771-7674  Catholic  St Louis
 Mary Queen of Peace  314-961-2891  Catholic  Webster
 Messiah Lutheran  636-329-1096  Lutheran  Weldon Springs
 Miriam School  314-968-3893  Learning Disabilities  Webster Groves
 Missouri Military Academy  888-564-6662  All Boys, Military School  Mexico, Missouri
 Most Holy Trinity 314-231-9014  Catholic   St. Louis
 New City School  314-361-6411  Independent  St Louis
 North County Christian  314-972-6227  Christian  Florissant
 Our Lady of Guadalupe 314-524-1948  Catholic  Florissant
 Our Lady of Lourdes 314-726-3352  Catholic  Clayton
 Our Lady of The Pillar 314-993-3353  Catholic  West County
 Our Lady of Providence 314-842-2073  Catholic  South County
 Our Redeemer Lutheran 314-427-3462  Lutheran  Overland
 Praise Tabernacle  314-868-2029  Christian  North County
 Principia School  314-424-2100  Christian Science West County 
 Ptah Academy of Arts & Science  314-231-1411  Private  North
 Queen of All Saints 314-846-0506  Catholic  South County
 Rivers of Life Christian 314-773-8859  Christian  Granite City
 Rohan Woods School 314-821-1670  Private  South County
 Rossman School 314-434-5877  Independent  West County
 St Alban Roe 636-458-6084  Catholic  West County
 St Ambrose School 314-772-1437  Catholic  St Louis
 St Angela Merici 314-831-8012  Catholic  North County
 St Ann School 314.381-0113  Catholic  North county
 St Anthony School 636-677-3585  Catholic  
 St Bridget of Kildare 636-257-4533  Catholic  Pacific MO
 St Catherine Laboure 314-843-2819  Catholic  Central County
 St Cecilia  314-353-2455  Catholic  St Louis
 St Charles Borromeo 636-946-2713  Catholic  St Charles
 St Claire of Assisi 636-227-8654  Catholic  West County
 St Clement 314-822-1903  Catholic  West County
 St Cletus 636-946-7756  Catholic  St Charles
 St Dominic Savio 314-832-4161  Catholic  South County
 St Ferdinand 314-921-2201  Catholic  Florissant
 St Frances Cabrini  314-776-0883  Catholic  St Louis City
 St Francis Borgia 636-239-2590  Catholic  Washington MO
 St Francis of Assisi  314-776-0883  Catholic  South County
 St Gabriel's 314-353-1229  Catholic  St Louis
 St Genevieve Dubois  314-821-4245  Catholic  Central County
 St Gerard Majella 314-822-8844  Catholic  Kirkwood
 St James the Greater 314-647-5244  Catholic  St Louis
 St John's Lutheran  636-464-7303  Lutheran  Jefferson County
 St Joan of Arc 314-752-4171  Catholic  St Louis
 St Joseph Institute for the Deaf  636-532-3211  Catholic  St Louis
 St Joseph (St Charles) 636-441-0055  Catholic  St Charles
 St Joseph Imperial 636-464-9027  Catholic  Jefferson County
 St Joseph Wentzville  636-332-5672  Catholic  St Charles
 St Joseph Manchester 636-391-1253  Catholic  West County
 St Justin Martyr 314-843-6447  Catholic  South County
 St Katherine Drexel 314-353-1451  Catholic  
 St Louis Catholic Academy 314-389-0401  Catholic  St Louis
 St Luke's Christian Academy    Christian  St Louis
 St Margaret Mary Alacoque 314-487-1666  Catholic  South County
 St Margaret of Scotland 314-776-7837  Catholic  St Louis
 St Mark's 314-743-8640  Catholic  South County
 St Mary Magdalen 314-961-0149  Catholic  St Louis
 St Michael's 314-647-7159  Catholic  Shrewsbury
 St Monica 314.434-2173  Catholic  West County
 St Norbert 314-839-0948  Catholic  Florissant
 St Patrick 636-332-9036  Catholic  Wentzville
 St Paul 636-343-4333  Catholic  Fenton
 St Peter's (Kirkwood) 314-821-0460  Catholic  Kirkwood
 St. Peter's (St Charles) 636-947-9669  Catholic  St Charles
 St Raphael's 314-352-9474  Catholic  St Louis City
 St Richard's 314-872-3152  Catholic  West County
 St Roch 314.721,2595  Catholic  St Louis City
 St Rose 314-921-3023  Catholic  Florissant
 St Sabina 314-837-6524  Catholic  Florissant
 St Simon 314-842-0181  Catholic  South County
 St Stephen 314-752-4700  Catholic  St Louis City
 St Theodore 636-639-1385  Catholic  Flint, MO
 Seven Holy Founders 314-631-8149  Catholic  St Louis City
 Tower Grove Christian 314-776-6473  Christian  St Louis City
 Villa Di Maria 314-822-2601  Montessori  Kirkwood
 Waldorf School 314-962-2129  Independent  West County
 West County Christian 314-579-9610  Christian  West County
 West Side Christian  314-535-0184  Christian  Central County
 Wilson School 314.725-4999  Private School  Clayton
 Word of Life School 314-832-1244  Lutheran, Grade School & Preschools  St Louis Hills

Private School in St. Louis

IEP: No matter what the age of your student, and IEP or Individualized Education Program is worth its weight in gold if you want your child to succeed. While some public schools work with creating individualized programs, private schools often automatically create individual programs to suit the learning needs of the student in question, allowing them to learn more easily, and at a pace that suits their learning behavior. Public schools are required by law to offer individualized programs when asked for, but with limited resources, they simply don't compare to what is offered at a St. Louis public school.

Advanced Courses: Many elementary and high school level St. Louis private schools offer advanced placement and international programs that you wouldn't be able to find at a STL public school. These programs are not free, but they do allow you to ensure that your child has access to opportunities for universities, future job and learning prospects, and the ability to see more of the world at a younger age.

Sports Programs Are Important to You: If your child is interested in sports and good at them then a private school may offer more opportunities for advancement into professional sports than public schools. Private schools in St. Louis usually have very strong athletic teams with quality coaches, and higher standards than those found in public schools, primarily because private schools have a higher budget for better coaches, and more teams that are more professional.